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Castle Schloss Schochwitz
Schlossplatz 1
06198 Salzatal OT Schochwitz

About The

Castle Schochwitz:

HealingCastle Schochwitz

Nestled among the hills of the Saale-Unstrut area, the most northern wine region of Germany lies the little village of Schochwitz. The Celts were well aware of this exceptional area and felt the powerful energy that emanates. Here, they celebrated their sacred ceremonies and rituals using the power and energy of this place.  Later, in the 12th century, Healingcastle Schochwitz was built on this very spot and right in the center of this energy stands the statue of the St Mary, which radiates its own special power.  

The Healingcastle Schochwitz is a refuge for people who ask for help and support, and a symbol of protection and love. Healingcastle Schochwitz invites all people to themselves, which will serve the universe and those whom embarked on the long, rocky road of self-discovery.

Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski’s and her partner James Welsh’s idea of creating a spiritual center had already surged in the late 80’s. At that time they were missing the right place to fulfill their visions with the required premises until Ingrid and James came upon Schochwitz Castle in 2004. 

To make Healingcastle Schochwitz a peaceful place of life, spirituality and wisdom, Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski and Jim Welsh have agreed to live and dedicate their lives to this task.

Castle's Owner 


Lord James Richard WELSH

Born in England in 1950, James is married and has 3 children. He has been blessed with sensitivity and intuitive skills since childhood. After the death of his sister, his father and his business friend - he left behind all the material goods he had gained as a successful businessman. He then  emigrated with his first family to America. After 6 years of self-discovery he returned to Devon / Cornwall in England.  Then after separating from his first wife, he made his dream come true and bought a sailboat. He prepared a sailing trip around the world where his trip ended in Portugal as his boat was trapped at the harbor.

There he met his second wife Ingrid. Together they lived in Cornwall restoring two churches. Back in Portugal James continued pursuing his dream of renovating traditional old buildings. After living in Portugal for 13 years, faith sent him and his wife to East Germany where the Healingcastle presented itself. Jim sees himself as the keeper of Schochwitz Castle’s history and is responsible for the interior design and renovation, which he considers his spiritual path and mission in life.


Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski

Born in Augsburg, Bavaria in 1952 Ingrid had already been very successful, entrepreneurial and active before she started following her inner voice at the age of 30. 

This resulted in a change in her life towards spirituality. She is a trained systemic family as well as sexual therapist and has taken a course in homeopathy and kinesiology. In Portugal, she is qualified as a traditional healer. She has also acquired knowledge in: Zen Meditation, over 10 years of  Vipassana practice, bio-energetic, intuitive massage, feet reflex zone therapy, spiritual surgery experience (emotional cleansing, clearing), induction to Satchidananda (after personal meetings), color light therapy, Bach flower therapy, energy healing, balancing healing, acupressure, medium sessions (in English tradition), regular sensitive groups by Rosina Somern, daily yoga exercises, yoga course for children. In her personal life, Ingrid has overcame cancer twice (with narcotic trauma experience for over a year), near death experience and death of her own child.  Ingrid has worked in the addict / drug scene in Liverpool and has 10 years experience helping young people in Portugal with behavioral problems. 

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